Journal Entry #4 End of Course Reflection

The option I chose in the PIPD 3240 course, Media Enhanced Learning, was Social Media.  I learned how to build a blog, more about how to put together a Wiki, how social media influences society, more about Web 2.0 social media tools and more in depth information regarding copyright.

When I reflect on what I learned in the past weeks throughout the course I am amazed at what I learned and accomplished with a minimum amount of stress.  This was the second course I took that had me working on a Wiki.  Last time I worked on a Wiki in a group setting someone else in my group started the Wiki Space and then told me how to get on to the site and I learned from there.  This time as my partner had never worked on a Wiki it was me who had the opportunity to get the Wiki started and increase my knowledge of the tool.  I also was quite pleased to learn how to build a blog.  The skills I learned in both the Wiki and the Blog I noticed were transferable.  Because I had learned how to do something with one tool it helped me to figure out how to do the same process in the other tool.

Before this course I never thought of social media tools as tools for education.  I now see the usefulness of using them in a class room for almost any kind of course.  Society has changed and with technology it is rapidly changing more and more every day.  I think the most important thing I learned in this course is how technology is constantly changing how people communicate and learn.  The tools I learned throughout the course could be old and out of date shortly and I have to be ready for this change and ready to learn how to use new tools again.

I believe it is going to be quite the journey trying to keep up with the rapidly changing technology that the younger students seem to keep up with naturally.  I also see such exciting potential to try to incorporate these tools in my career.  These tools and the tools that will be coming to our rapidly changing world I will embrace and learn to use if that is what it takes to engage the young people of today.