Journal Entry #3 The Growing Use of Twitter by Today’s Educators

Journal #3

The speaker in the video-blog called “The Growing Use of Twitter by Today’s Educators” talks about just that – the growing use of Twitter by all, including educators.  The speaker says there are more than hundred millions users and three hundred thousand new users every day which include educators.  Educators are using twitter for sharing information with peers and using it as a real-time news source, but it is not very popular as a learning tool.  They do, however, use it for a way to mass communicate messages to students such as due dates and other announcements.  He also goes on to say that some educators are not very positive about twitter saying that some educators believe Twitter causes poor writing skills and that students miss out on valuable face-to-face learning.  The speaker than reminds us all that Twitter is only a mechanism or tool to be used only if we choose to use them.

Twitter is the one social media tools that I seem to know the least about.  Up to this point in my life I couldn’t imagine using it for teaching.  No one in my circle of family or friends use Twitter as far as I know.  I have never quite understood why anyone would use it unless you were into Hollywood gossip and want to follow famous people.

After listening to the speaker in this video-blog and reading “Hundred Ways to Use Twitter in Education, By Degree of Difficulty” I’m thinking I am wrong.  Either Twitter use has changed or I have not kept up with social media to know what Twitter actually has been used for the past years. I see there are uses for Twitter in education, not only for mass communications to students but also can be used as a learning tool in the classroom.  A couple of examples of use in the article, “Hundred Ways to Use Twitter in Education, By Degree of Difficulty” are after school discussions and getting feedback from students with open-ended questions.

In order to keep up with students I want to be open to using new technology, so I will be learning more about Twitter and ways to use it in education.  I want to use what will best engage students so if that means using tools that I am not familiar with I need to be more creative and learn how to use them in an effective way.


Dunn, Jeff, 100 Ways to Use Twitter in Education, By Degree of Difficulty. Wednesday, April 25, 2012 8:30 am

The Growing Use of Twitter by Today’s Educators, Emerging Ed. Techs, Video-Blog

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